Thank You for Supporting Nevada Space Day 2011!!

The Nevada Space Day 2011 was launched with the Talon robot from QinetiQ’s greeting kids in the parking lot of the Carson City airport. Over 300 families, an estimated 850 people, participated in both the space science and FIRST Tech Challenge Workshop robotics events. Below are event highlights; we hope you join us next year. A sincere thanks to all for sharing your talent and time.

Event: Partnered with the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 403 and FIRSTNV, the Challenger Learning Center, Space Science for Schools delivered a community event that featured over 40 hands on activities including: NASA’s Microbial Mat exhibit, dual digital planetariums, orbitron rides, flights over Carson City, rocketry, robotics, 3-D Mars exploration, the Moonbuggy, space craft building, egg space capsule design and testing, Oobleck, FLL NXT robots, FTC build it Workshop, FTC Scrimmage Game, solar observing, comet making, ground bound rides, a military robot demonstration, relay races, chalk art, wing design, hourly contests, saving Earth, remote control helicopters, space trivia games, letters from space activities, galactic match game, space suits, payload robotic arm, astronomical unit exercises, space education scavenger hunt and even a flight simulator.

Support: Two grants from Partnership Carson City and Kohl’s generously provided the educational supplies for a majority of the activities. Les Schwab and FIRST supported the robotics workshops. Steve Poscic of Carson Aviation Adventures hosted the main event at the Sterling Hangar and Carson Airport provided the terminal building for the all day workshop and scrimmage game. Key volunteers came from the Minden based Civil Air Patrol, Kohl’s Cares AIA (Associates In Action) Program, and the Homeschool Honor Society. Friends of Space Science for Schools helped in creative ways to provide a wide variety of activities from collecting recycled items to creating displays specifically for the event.

An estimated 1478 hours went into producing and delivering the 2011 Nevada Space Day with much success.

Media Coverage:

Well the 1st Nevada Space Day was a wonderful success! Over 300 families attended, many wonderful educational companies representing space, technology, aerospace and more.
- Tina Chin, Resource Manager Dream it Do it Northern Nevada Development Authority.

We had a great time and hope that we inspired some young Nevada students with the green slime!
- Elizabth Coe, NASA Ames Research

I was amazed at all the activities for the youth. It was a wonderful event. Just wish my nieces and nephews were in town. They would have loved to attend.
- To GLyon from YGarcia, Senator Reid’s Office

Thanks for organizing the event and inviting us. Our students are quite interested in forming a team for next year. This is remarkable, since one of the students we had at the event is essentially homeless and two others have been seriously contemplating dropping out of school. I’m fairly sure this caught their attention, and I hope it gives them inspiration to stay in school and understand that education can make a difference in their futures.
- A prospective FTC Coach


  • 857 people between two events
  • 100% of SS4S Board members participated
  • 1478 Total Volunteer hours leading up to and including the event
  • 19 volunteers from Las Vegas, SF Bay area, El Dorado, CA and Folsom CA.
  • 4 teams, 27 FTC robotics workshop participants, 8 coaches
  • 6 educational partners exhibited
  • 41 science, aviation and robotics activities and stations
  • 2 manufacturing companies ( 1 local, 1 CA)
  • 4 local sponsors
  • 2 national sponsors
  • 3 primary partners
  • 4 primary in-kind sponsors
  • 2 charter high schools provided food options

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Photography- Courtesy Gary Lyon

Photography – Courtesy Richard Chew


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