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Executive Director                         
Beth Wells

775-225-4411 mobile

Administrative Assistant 
Katie Green
775-636-1328  mobile


Nevada STEM Coalition
PO Box 9144
Reno, NV 89507

Offices Graciously Provided by our Hosts

Northern Nevada Office                                                    Southern Nevada Office

Raggio STEM Research Center                                     Switch SUPERNAP Innevation Center
UNR  MS #                                                                          6795 Edmond St.
1664 N. Virginia Ave                                                        Las Vegas, NV 89118
Reno, NV 89557

Our Project Committees and Chairs

Public Education and Advocacy

public education through group presentations, STEM advocacy toolkit, sharing the story of STEM with government officials


Jeneane Harter


Increasing Student Access to Informal STEM Education Through Teacher Education Project

Chair:  Allison Brody    




Website Redevelopment Project

(upgrading our website to be more attractice, user friendly and functional to serve our stakeholders)

Chairs:  Matt Oates, Gifted and Talented Program, Washoe County School District,

Beth Wells, ED of Nevada STEM Coalition


Research-based Models for STEM Classroom Practices and STEM Schools Project

(identifying and disseminating rubrics and models for exemplary STEM practices to scale up best practices, align STEM curriculum, and raise teacher and student performance)


David Brancamp,  APAC, Nevada Department of Education

David Crowther, Professor of Education, UNR Raggio Research Center for STEM Education


STEM Experts Bureau Project

(we are seeking committee members to assist in developing a plan to recruit STEM experts to serve as student and teacher mentors, classroom speakers, etc.)  Contact Beth Wells at







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