What is the STEM Ambassador Program?


Nevada STEM Coalition’s Ambassador Program is a statewide match program for educators to find professionals in STEM (Science, technology, Engineering, Math, and Arts) fields. We strive to help educators and students throughout Nevada in not only learning about STEM and STEAM but also understand the importance STEM plays in our everyday lives. There are growing opportunities for students in STEM not only in school but in continuing education, such as College and Univerity careers, as well as in the workforce. It is our goal to help students recognize these potential avenues as well as gain a stronghold in the world they live in.


Our mission is to increase the number of capable students
interested in pursuing STEM skills, certificates, degrees, and careers
in order to grow Nevada’s diversified economy.


The STEM Ambassador Program is a statewide initiative by the Nevada STEM Coalition and partners, designed to connect students and educators with volunteers who use STEM skills in their majors and careers. 

STEM Practitioners register on the STEM Coalition website with their availability, interests, and skills.  Teachers contact us when they need speakers, project participants, contest judges, mentors for student projects, or even professionals who can help them deepen their content knowledge!

 All 9 of the Governor’s economic sectors require STEM-related skills, but Nevada industries cannot find the STEM-skilled workers they need.  Exposing students to STEM Ambassadors will help them understand how many interesting, STEM-related jobs are available in Nevada.

Some Questions and Answers

How do I get a STEM Ambassador into my classroom for a STEM event?

Under Educators on our primary page, you will find an Ambassador Request Form. When registering, select your interests, location, as well as any additional details you can provide that you feel can help us find you the ideal STEM Ambassador.

Please limit one STEM Ambassador per request. If you do need additional Ambassadors for a single event, you can submit more than one application.

Do Speakers or STEM Ambassadors have a volunteer screening or background check?

Districts have varying requirements for screening volunteers. All volunteers that we match you with will have a “volunteer screening” provided by WCSD volunteer office or the district where the volunteer will participate. Educators are responsible for ensuring that volunteers have met all school and district requirements.

I am in a rural county. Are there any STEM Ambassadors for us?

We have volunteers in 14 counties! We also support digital conferencing to bring a STEM Ambassador to your classroom.

Benefits for You

Benefits for Students

  • Underprivileged students, girls, and minorities are inspired to new futures
  • Students learn the importance of math and science classes
  • Students learn about all the great jobs and careers that require STEM skills
  • STEM-based jobs often pay  and weather recessions better
  • There are job openings in STEM field in Nevada right now!

Benefits for Educators

  • Expand your science/math knowledge with a STEM professional
  • Build school/industry partnerships
  • Speakers for students related to science and math standards
  • Volunteers willing to work with hands-on class projects, judge in science fairs, tudor students, offer tours, and more!