Foundational Principles

Created by Nevada STEM Coalition participants at our Design Studio, November 2011


1. Ensure that STEM education is foundational for every Nevada student K-12, including the
underrepresented and minorities.

2. Meet the needs of Nevada’s employers in all sectors by providing a STEM-literate workforce.

3. Create and support a statewide STEM resource network to enhance collaboration among K-
12, higher education, business and industry, government, community organizations, parents,
and students.

4. Provide students with opportunities to apply STEM knowledge in the real world to foster
creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship.

5. Educate policymakers on systemic reforms that can bolster/support quality STEM education

6.  Increase the pool of teachers skilled in science, technology, engineering and mathematics
and who use research-based best practices in their classrooms.

7. Promote transdisciplinary instruction, where teachers engage students in activities that
use multiple disciplines to increase student learning, interest and engagement.

8.  Expand students’ access to rich and diverse experiences, starting in early childhood, that
increase the numbers of students skilled and interested in pursuing STEM jobs, degrees, and



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