YOU Can Make a Difference!

Can you help?

**VOLUNTEER in science, technology, and mathematics classes

**SHARE your career/research with a science, technology or math class.

**ASK your favorite school what they need in the way of supplies for STEM education, and give or collect donations (don’t forget after-school programs!)

**KEEP REMINDING  your government leaders how important it is to support and fund STEM education and teacher training

**INSIST that all children in elementary school receive adequate, nationally recognized science and mathematics instruction that encourages problem solving and higher-level thinking

**DONATE to the Nevada STEM Coalition to help us improve communications statewide, host our summit, advocate for STEM education, and build a fund to support STEM
education and teacher training across the state

**VOLUNTEER to assist the NV STEM Coalition with our website, research, advocacy and conferences


Volunteering your time for schools, STEM programming outside the classroom, or the Nevada STEM Coalition is one of the most generous gifts you can give to our youth! The STEM education community is grateful for volunteers for events and projects inside and outside the classroom.  We can connect you to areas of your interest.

Our schools are in need of volunteers in STEM careers, higher education, and research who are willing to be speakers. Students are inspired by learning about the myriad and exciting STEM careers available, and this can motivate them to pursue degrees and careers in the STEM fields. Connecting with researchers in the field via teleconferencing is a profound experience for our students and shows them the amazing applications of the basic skills that they must learn.

We know that if we don’t get students excited about science and mathematics by about 4th grade, they are far less likely to pursue these interests in high school and beyond…..


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