Other State STEM Initiatives, Networks and Coalitions

Arizona STEM Network. Launched in 2010 by 80 stakeholders. Developing a STEM Action Plan and Network. Led by Science Foundation Arizona in collaboration with Helios Education Foundation, Research Corporation for Science Advancement, the National Academy of Sciences, Intel Corporation, JP Morgan Chase and the Governor’s Office of Economic Recovery. Public-private partnership working on a framework.

Business Engagement in Tennessee Education Critical to Success. Institute for a Competitive Workforce.

Colorado STEM Network. In 2006 was seeded by a $500K two year award from National Governors Association to create a STEM Network. Built a coalition of regional STEM stakeholders through a grassroots approach.  Network coordinates with Governor’s P-20 Council, CAP4Kids, and Governor’s Jobs Cabinet.  Numerous partners including the Colorado Department of education.   Network has two tiers: a state-level coordinating center and a network of regional STEM compacts.

Massachustetts STEM Plan. Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, STEM Operations Board, 6 Regional Pre K-16 STEM networks and one in development.  Five year Statewide STEM Plan.

North Carolina STEM Learning Network. provides resources and support for schools that “show promise and are committed to developing STEM education with other public and private partners.” Other members of the network include stat and national business partners, foundations, and higher education. Managed by the NC STEM Community Collaborative and is a project of the N.C. Dept. of Public Instruction.  Was incubated by


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